Saturday 10th April 2004

The Bell Hotel, 103 Walcot Street, Bath.

3pm - close

Provisional Programme



Thing hapenning





All afternoon   Editing and encoding for the web
A live demonstration and introduction to editing and erncoding techniques using Rinky-Dink film and audio recording of demos at Farford
  Ian Ferguson   I-Contact Video Network

  Free high speed printing
bring your own news, take your own newspaper home. Apple Macs and Risograph digital duplicators available
(free / donations accepted for materials)
  Ambrose Blimfield   Hedonist Press

3pm   Introductions to people and our hosts at The Bell.
Info about hospitality and arrangements for food etc.

Some distinguished delegates expected include:

  SchNEWS people  


Ian Ferguson

Bristol Indymeda
I-Contact Video Network

Somebody t.b.a.
Local Interested Parties (we're not an organisation here - too slack)
Rich Mediamonger &
(live from Barcelona) &
Rinky-Dink personnel Rinky-Dink pedal power mobile sound system
Mothball Groovy Movie
Zoe Young Fairford Coach Action
Mr Sphinx Editor of Indymedia Handbook

3.15 pm   SchNEWS showing some short films, talking about SchNEWS and getting your message across. Info about the G8 coming to Britain in June next year.   SchNEWS people  


5 pm   T.B.A. - Open forum   You!    


Don't Hate The Media,
Be The Media-

launch of Indymedia handbook

  Mr SphinX
(in person if Government 'authorities' let him. By internet link-up from Stuttgart if they don't. Mr Sphinx is from Africa. so he has difficulty with certain border controls, but that is another story)

6.30 pm   Food for crew & participants
(free / donations toward groceries accepted)
  Organic vegetables are on their way. Anyone who wants to help us cook 'em is welcome   organisation unlikely

7.30 pm   On The Buses
Film of 120 people being "coach-napped" by six police forces on their way from London to Fairford on 22 March last year.
Introduced by filmaker coach-napee Zoe Young.
  Zoe   Fairford Coach Action


  More films, chatter &c.   T.B.A.   Groovy Movie, Fairford Coach Action etc.

9pm - midnight   Music and films
(with soundtracks off maybe)
  Jim & Special Guest DJs