Schnews At Ten.

1994 - 2004

Saturday 10th April

The Bell, Walcot Street, Bath
From 3pm in the Babbyfoot Lounge

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Schnews At Ten.

It was in late 1994, at a meeting of Justice?, Brightons campaign against the Criminal Justice Act that a few bright sparks first decided to start telling bits of news they’d heard. Later, some of those bright sparks decided to write their stories down on paper and the first SchNEWS was published. Now it’s nearly ten years later, and they’re still printing!

From the anti road protests at the M11 in London to the Newbury Bypass to the big Reclaim The Streets events of the nineties, SchNEWS was there. From worker’s struggles such as the Liverpool Dockers, fights against privatisation of public services to reporting on social centres and sustainable futures - week in week out SchNEWS reported from the direct action front lines.

In February 1998 some of the crew went to Geneva for the first Peoples’ Global Action conference where they met people involved in grassroots movements from across the world. Here they swapped stories, made friendships and began to see a bigger picture, and with many others who had been involved in localised direct action campaigns, SchNEWS began to include detailed reports of the world-wide corporate carve-up of the planet.

Crucially, the SchNEWS crew identified how important it was to publish consistently, and made it a priority to produce a new edition every week. The newsheet was therefore on hand in May 1998 when simultaneous mass demonstrations were held world-wide against the G7 Summit in Birmingham. SchNEWS was in print for news of the international J18 demos in June 1999, and writers of SchNEWS were in the midst of the mass protests against the WTO in November 1999 - the famous Battle In Seattle that brought the anti-capitalism movement to the attention of the world.

It's impossible to know how many people read SchNEWS every week, particularly now it’s on the internet. Out of the 3,000 that get printed, 650 get posted out each week to subscribers and bookshops, and about 50 go to prisoners around the world (who get it for free). Add to that around 10,000 email subscribers, and the thousands who visit the SchNEWS site each week. Many people photocopy and distribute their paper copy locally, and PDF files mean people all over the world can print SchNEWS and distribute it before it's even hit the streets in Brighton!

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